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No boundaries or visas here! The Regent's Park, in the heart of central London offers a sanctuary to many passage migrants and winter visitors every year.

'Migrants of London'

the Whooper Swan Dance

This series is special to me, because it's in a way my story. Coming to the city in 2014, with no friends, family or work, London welcomed me with open arms.

'Migrants of London'

the Mute Swan Embrace

With people from all over the world, finding joy in the fact that we are not alike, but also.. not unlike!

'Migrants of London'

the swallow dive

"Wanted a big picture to go on the feature wall of my living room and I loved the message of this one from @eyeforlondonprints especially as a Londoner and proud daughter of immigrants. Always keen to support small businesses too."

- Anita Casu

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