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March Meet the Maker

March Meet the Maker is an initiative started by Joanne Hawker for small businesses. It's a creative way of telling a story about the maker, their process, team, techniques, inspiration... all through a series of posts on Instagram through the month of March.

Every day there is a unique prompt or 'topic for the day' and independent creatives from all over the world share their pictures on the topic. It's a great way to explore and discover new makers, see their ways of working and routine through the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram.

This year I decided to take part in this, and though it looked easy initially it was pretty hard to come up with ideas every day! I'm an introvert by nature and this prompted me to open up a bit about myself, my family, and how Eye for London Prints started.

You can follow my journey on Instagram through March on

Some screen grabs from my Meet the Maker Project Instagram

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