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Eye for London Prints : The year that was...

2016 was truly a brilliant year for Eye for London Prints. But this post is about the special people I have met through my work - well wishers, supporters and those I've managed to touch in a small way through my artworks.

The illustration of the Old Truman Brewery, was for a father whose new born son's name is Truman. He said when his son turns 18, they could share their first pint together, and fondly remember this print. Steppenwolf - personal commission that Ram and I made for a guy as a gift for his best friend, who shared the love for this classic.

The Old Highbury Stadium and The Barbican now gracing the walls of the residents of these spectacular buildings. The Hoover Building, on the walls of the company working on restoring this art deco beauty, and the Rio print soon to be in the lobby of this newly renovated Art Deco picture house.

The shops of Stoke Newington for a Londoner whose grandfather established 'Gino's Barber' half a century ago- featured in the illustration. A lady gifting the Brixton Village print to her best friend moving to New York, to remember the good times they shared together in the market.

A funny co-incidence when husband and wife ordered the same Balfron tower print from me, as a surprise Christmas gift for each other. And a fan girl moment... to receive back to back orders from Droga5 New York! My dream advertising agency, and goosebumps looking at the Madison Avenue address.

I have been so lucky to have been able to reach out to such specific people, from all over the world who seem to relate so closely to the subject of my artworks. I'm looking forward to 2017 and all the interesting developments lined up, and waiting to share more stories through illustrations.

A special thanks to Ram, without whom EFL would have never happened, and of course the beautiful city of London - that has never stopped inspiring.

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