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Grafity's Wall. A coming-of-age Graphic Novel.

Exciting news! Ram V. of Eye for London Prints has teamed up with a bunch of brilliant artists to create this visually stunning Graphic Novel. We need all the support to make this happen.

The project is crowd-funding at Unbound. You can read more about the creative process, pledge - there are a bunch of sweet rewards up for grabs including original artworks and sketch bundles!

Grafity's Wall is about expression, rebellion, ambition and acceptance painted against the backdrop of Mumbai's ever changing and evolving street-culture.

Grafity's Wall Graphic Novel

When an aspiring street artist by the name of 'Grafity' watches the tenements outside his home being razed, he finds an unlikely canvas at the one wall still left standing in the debris. Over the next weeks, he begins creating a mural on the wall, one that chronicles the lives of his friends: A local low-level fixer named Jay who harbors dreams of being a rapper. A brilliant and awkward boy named Chasma who writes love letters in his breaks between waiting tables at a local 'Chinese' restaurant. And Saira, an aspiring actress with ambitions so fierce that they threaten to consume her and all those around her. As the mural progresses, the story gives us glimpses into these incandescent lives, their hopes and dreams both inspired and impeded by their circumstances, and the impossible city that they live in.

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