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Kickstarting a Screen Printing hub in Peckham

Peckham Levels Creative Hub

Over the years South London is steadily attracting the artists and creative entrepreneurs in the city. And creatives need a place to work! What better than an under-utilised derelict parking lot in Peckham, that can be injected with a healthy dose of young artists who are in dire need of affordable studio spaces!

Peckham Levels is taking over this parking lot for a period of six years, turning it into a creative workshop and cultural destination. It also intends to make the this space a hub for the community, small businesses helping out each other, and growing together.

The Kickstarter Campaign:

3rd Rail Print Space

As you can imagine, rebuilding this ‘concrete shell’ comes as a cost. The team at 3rd Rail, a screen printing studio in Bermondsey South London, have just launched a KickStarter campaign, to help fund the 3rd Rail Print Space at the Peckham Levels refurbishment.

They are aiming to provide a 4000sqft open access screen printing facility, and will set up studio in one of the levels. A modern and inclusive place for anyone who loves printing, from complete beginners to professionals and support creatives in making a living out of their screen printed products.

3rd Rail have been operating as a commercial screen printing studio for over 10 years. Over the years we’ve perfected some pretty experimental techniques" says co-director Rob. “We’re really excited about the possibility of exchanging ideas with people who are just as passionate and curious as us”

The intention is to build a comprehensive print hub and modern learning environment that will make screen printing accessible to a new audience whilst providing a wealth of equipment for those already working in the medium.

As a small business trying to fund this project has been really challenging” says co-director Ian. After raising enough for rent and bills 3rd Rail experienced a shortfall in trying to cover refurbishment costs. With the launch fast approaching they’ve decided run a Kickstarter to raise the additional £10,000 towards this project.

This is the prefect time to back this project. If you wanted to treat yourself or gift someone a limited edition screen printed T-Shirt or an Art Print. All backers will also receive an invitation to the launch party, a free drink…. and print their own tote bag! That is a LOT in return for a tiny contribution of just £25, but will go such a long way