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12 Birds calling at London Parks

Delighting birds lovers and puppies alike, London Parks are a haven for hundreds of species of birds. The green lungs of the metropolis... Hyde Park and Regent's Park attract some of the most unique and beautiful birds both local and migratory .

It's a bit of an effort pulling myself on a lazy weekend to a park, but when I have, it's been an absolute treat of a day. Along with the bird watching, I quite enjoy people watching. A return to innocence, the unadulterated joy of feeding the ducks or watching the swans in their romantic embrace, almost oblivious to the eager crowds capturing that perfect Instagram moment.

This made an interesting subject for my next illustration, featuring the birds of Regent's Park. Not uncommon, I have seen many vintage illustrated posters of birds where they always seem to look stiff and stuffed. I want to capture the life and excitement in the waters. To celebrate the movement, the flutter, the dancing. Joie de vivre. Or at at least attempt to!

Here are some heroes, featured in the illustration. The Mute Swans, Whooper Swans, Ruddy Duck, Teal Duck, Finches, Swallows, the Heron and Yellow Wagtail.

And not forgetting the rest... the Bar headed geese, Pintails, Pochard, Meapis and Tuft Ducks, and one excitable frog hanging on to dear life.

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