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A Pop Up in Dalston, London

Eye for London prints at 1963 Gallery Dalston

Yay! My very first pop up. The first time Eye for London prints went up on the walls of an art gallery in London. Big big one for me.

The Cluster Pop up at 1963Gallery Space in Dalston. The launch party was quite a hit, I met so many creative peers, independent local artists. It was a great experience going offline, and putting myself out there and I'm hoping to do at least a few more such shows next year.

This month October, has been by far the best in the year for me- in terms of both sales and just general networking. When I first set up the shop online in Jan, I always thought of it as being a 'side' thing to do as a hobby and I would always have to depend on my day job for a real income. Maybe October was a one off or a freak month, I don't know.... but it gives me hope and confidence that a creative can make a living by being 'creative' and doing something they love. And I feel motivated now to push myself even more, as I'm really enjoying the journey. Discipline and work is most important, much more than the money.

Here are some photographs from the event.

Eye for London Prints at 1963Gallery Dalston

Ema with the Rio Cinema Art Print

Eye for London prints at 1963 Gallery Dalston

Eye for London prints at 1963 Gallery Dalston

Birds of London Art Print

Gasholders of Hackney

David Bowie the Space Samurai

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