A softer side to the Barbican? The Conservatory.

A hidden gem, the Barbican conservatory is tucked away on the roof of the Barbican Centre. One could argue that this seems almost wrong and out of place, too lush and green for the likes of the Barbican. For the ones who fancy an 'afternoon tea in the Garden Room'. It reminds me of sci- fi movies where tropical oasis enclosures appear in the middle of some arid planet in the middle of nowhere.

On the other hand, stepping into the Cactus enclosure… the dry, sharp and brutal thorniness of it, seems almost as if it was meant to be for the Barbican.

To me this is the most interesting section of the conservatory. Dry through winters and scorching in summer. It reflects the very personality of the Barbican. The harsh extremities.

A walk through this well kept Central London secret, reserved for brutal heads and the occasional unsuspecting tourist.

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