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Giving back...

December and January have been a crazy month for me, but 'good' crazy... I'm not complaining.

With the new year kicking in, I thought it was about time I gave back a little something to the city and community, the reason for Eye for London's existence.

Needless to say, Bowie and Brixton have played a big part in my artworks. Bowie because he is 'GOD'... and Brixton because of it's spirit. A neighbourhood that is inclusive, a melting pot of people from all over the world. Here, I have felt so much at home, and less like an 'immigrant'... than in any other part of London.

I designed the Brixton x Bowie, featuring the brilliant Bowie artwork in a wall opposite the famous Electric Avenue. What was just another piece of street art, has become a sort of a shrine for David Bowie, with heart warming messages scribbled in by fans from the corners of the planet. There was nothing better I could think of for a fitting tribute to the area.

The Brixton Design Trail 2017, is when I first came across the good folk at the Brixton Soup Kitchen. Not only do they provide hot meals for the homeless, they also lend also a space for the community to get together, helping the most vulnerable and lonely in the city. Run entirely by volunteers, every little penny going towards a little something to someone who is not as privileged as us.

Starting this year, I will be donating all proceeds from the Brixton x Bowie Print, and also the Southwyck House Print (where the Soup Kitchen is located), to the Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Thanks to you awesome people, I have already made my first donation of £15 for the sale of the Brixton x Bowie print ordered all the way from Australia.

Brixton x Bowie Art Print

Brixton x Bowie Art Print

Brutalist Brixton Southwyck House

Brutalist Brixton Southwyck House

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