My design picks from the D&AD Awards 2018

D&AD has always been one of those awards that I have admired since my early advertising days more than a decade ago. So this year I got the opportunity to attend the show to see some amazing works, talks and sessions. The setting itself was brilliant, the historic Old Truman Brewery London that made for the perfect large and open space for the displays and workshops. Here are my favourites from the poster/ packaging design winners.

I love this series 'Study Opposite Styles' So striking at first glance, and all those details.

By Dentsu Inc. for Tokai Polytechnic College.

This ad set is for Soy Sauce. I liked the simplicity in this idea and execution. The best graphic design still seem to be coming out of Japan.

By Ogilvy and Mather Japan for Sagawa Shoyu Inc.

This set is titled 'Eating Kabuki with your fingers' So brilliant- the colours and composition.

By Dentsu for Sochiku Minami-za

A set of Water Bottle Packaging H2O for G20 by Jung Won Matt.

Some clever book covers.

Funny and interactive. I love this simple piece for Ikea

This was not part of the awards. But an initiative by Mother London, an advertising agency in Shoreditch. I hear a lot of people around me say that they never faced or saw any gender discrimination happening in their workplaces. Worse, some even claim that because of all the debate and attention, women are given special preference over men.

I can tell you that I didn't get a raise in my work place for 3 years. Every time I asked for it, I was told '3 months' or '6 months' or that the books are not looking good. This in spite of me getting in a big account for the agency in 2016, and single handedly in charge of the creative department. Being a woman from an ethnic minority is a double whammy. I wonder if a man in my position would have gone three years without a penny raise.

There is a silver lining. This motivated me to start my own business, and trust my own art to earn me an income. End of the day, the only person you can depend on is yourself. Man or woman.

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