Isle of Dogs Sets at the Strand London - A Dog Day Afternoon at Store X.

The Bank Holiday. An hour long wait. Pouring rain. None of that seemed to dampen the spirits of Londoners who queued up for Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs exhibit of the actual sets used in the film. If god is in the details, I saw seventeen of them, meticulously crafted by hand.

The film was made with a team of 670 people, 240 sets and 1,097 puppets creating the 144,000 still frames. Among the 17 sets on display are the Taiko drummers who open the film, Professor Watanabe’s Laboratory, Megasaki City, several Trash island scenes and Spots’ landing.

In this brilliant exhibition at the Store X, at the Strand, they have also created a life size set of the Noodle bar where you can enjoy a hot bowl of ramen with sake. Perfect antidote to the cold and rain. I haven't seen the film yet, but definitely going to appreciate it a lot more after seeing the effort gone into making these sets.

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