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New Battersea Park Zoo Prints inspired by my new baby!

It's been a whirlwind of a year, looking back at 2022.

It was honestly like my mind was functioning at a thousand miles per hour but my physical self just couldn't keep up.

Maybe a clingy toddler had something to do with it, I might have possibly spent hours procrastinating, making new illustrations in my head, drawing up business plans, while watching my son in an endless loop of constructing and pulling down towers of duplo blocks.

Not complaining at all, he was the sole inspiration for my next print of the Battersea Zoo. Every new mom would relate to this.

Mum and Baby Ring Tailed Lemurs at the Battersea Park Zoo.

Shop the print, mini notebooks and greeting cards.

And the mango monster! Oh, but how I wish he could taste the heavenly sweetness of a real Indian Alphonso mango. Invoked by memories of long summers back home, I made this bright illustration on a grey winter morning.

Hope you like these new additions, pieces close to my heart.

Shop the Alphonso print.

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