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David Bowie printed Totes for summer.

Ok it isn't summer yet. Or even close. Heck it snowed a couple of days back. In April. A tribute to Prince?

But that hasn't stopped me from getting excited about printing some canvas tote bags. Screen printing to start with. Very ambitious. Considering the last time I attempted it was 15 years ago in college as part of my art course.

The first few tries didn't go as planned! It seems simple, and logical if you follow the steps, but getting down to actually doing it, ended up being a rather messy affair. Note to self- screen printing on dining table- terrible idea. You need a flat surface, a steady hand, firm grip, and pull with strength and confidence.

Eventually I got the result I wanted, in a few out of the entire batch. They look lovely, and sold out the day I posted them. I look forward to doing more soon!

Incase you are interested, this print is also available in the

Oh, almost forgot.... I am having an awesome offer of 4 for 3 Bowie prints on my Etsy shop.

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