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The Ghost Tubes of London Underground Art Print

London Underground The Ghost Tube. Art Print.

London Underground Illustrated Art Print of the Ghost Tube Stations.


London is home to some old forgotten stations, also known as the 'Ghost tubes' thrilling Londoners who share such immense interest in the mysteries of the underground.


I got this idea while reading this book a year ago, called the 'The Necropolis Railway'. At first I thought this was a fictitious place, but when I looked it up, it did.. and does exist! And such an unusual building, with the mysterious chimeras near the top of the roofline. 


From 1900-1941 it served as the first-class depot for the London Necropolis Railway. The waymarked chimeric figure glared down at mourners as they filed into the station to await the train that would transport them and their departed family member to Brookwoood Cemetery.

Not surprisingly, in 2016, the building has been renovated into pricey posh apartments.


The Strand stands bang in the middle of one of the busiest areas in Central London. Opening on November 30, 1907, the station offered a shuttle service to Holborn. During the second world war, the branch was closed and the station used as a public air-raid shelter, with the tunnels being employed to store the Elgin Marbles and other precious artifacts from the British Museum.


Poet laureate Sir John Betjeman’s mention of the unloved South Kentish Town station came in a short story he wrote for broadcast on the BBC Home Service in 1951. His tale was based on a true incident when a gentleman accidently alighted from a train at South Kentish Town shortly after its permanent closure. The terrifying possibilities of being stranded in a ghost station captured his imagination, as it did the writers of a Tube staff magazine, who penned an amusing rhyme including the line: 

“All day upon the platform Mr Brackett quietly fumed,
His mind was full of pictures of the day he’d be exhumed.”

The original passenger tunnels, lift shafts, and burnished glazed tiling all remain, silent below street level.

This print is for all the 'tube nerds' like me, who are in always in the look out for interesting stories buried deep underground!

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    Matte Prints on 250gsm thick paper.

    Fine art Giclee Prints on 300gsm thick paper available. (I love this, as the archival inks enhance the colours, on light texture)


    A5: 5.8 x 8.3in  A4: 8.27 x 11.7in

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