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Oasis Wonderwall Illustrated Art Print

Oasis Wonderwall Illustrated Art Print

Oasis Wonderwall Illustrated Art Print

Sizes: A5: 5.8 x 8.3in A4: 8.27 X 11.7in A3: 11.7 x 16.5in 
Wonderwall Oasis. The song and video that forever sticks in my memory, as one of the coolest of all time. It cemented their place as the kings of Britpop, and even went on to win the Best Video award.The video has a nostalgic feel, with its monochrome photography evoking memories of the 1960s.


I was inspired by the reflection of spotlights on the very distinct round rimmed John Lennon glasses worn by Liam.


The title of the song, "Wonderwall," was a subtle hat tip to Oasis' predecessors, the Beatles. In 1968, George Harrison released his first post-Beatles album, Wonderwall Music, which also happened to be the soundtrack to the film Wonderwall from that same year. Oasis cites the Beatles as one of their most important influences. "The Beatles are, to me, the be-all and end-all," Noel said in 1995, according to NME. "Where it starts and where it finishes.


"The genius of "Wonderwall" comes from its inclusivity and lack of pretension.

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    Matte Prints on 200-250gsm thick paper.

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    Please allow 8-10 days for dispatch. For urgent orders, please message me, I'll try my best to expedite.

    Shipping: Within UK : Royal Mail First Class. Rest of the World: Royal Mail Tracked. (10 days - 20+ days depending on the country's customs)

    Please note that prints are not framed. Please be aware that colours may vary slightly from what you see on your screen, depending on your monitor settings.

    Giclee prints are printed on organic 100% cotton paper. Due to the nature of the paper, there are occasional grains and specks in the texture.


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